Zalog is a borough of Ljubljana located at the east end of the city.

Whilst still part of Yugoslavia the area experienced much immigration from other areas, which twenty years later has led to a generation that have their roots in a very diverse mix of cultural backgrounds. It is not an area with a high Slovenian population, and it has proven difficult to integrate these young people with their city. Instead they have developed their own urban identity, found their own urban hotspots, and have their own urban (non-) perspective. Culture is only one way in which integration has proved difficult. Physically Zalog is located outside the ring road of Ljubljana, which makes the area feel remote from other parts of the city. Due to the closing of industry in the area there is a lack of employment possibilities, so many people are forced to commute to the centre. The economy has been stagnant for so long that there is little inspiration for dreams of a better future and engagement with the present. In particular for the younger generation there is the feeling that they have been forgotten by city planners, developers, and society.

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