KUD C3 seeks inquistive and imaginative artists and architects, as well as other individuals and collectives, to join the Building Public-ness project. Building Public-ness builds the communication between various users of space and overcomes preconceptions of different generations – who are they and who we are.

In recent years, a new generation has been growing up in Ljubljana's district Zalog. Remote from other parts of Ljubljana and inhabited by youngsters that have their roots in a very diverse mix of cultural backgrounds from all around ex-Yugoslavia, this group has developed its own urban identity, found its own urban hotspots and its own urban (non-)perspective.

It is a specific form of suburbia that has been chosen as a place for an intervening acupuncture action. KUD C3 seeks artists, architects and others, who are able to respond to the specific features of the local urban landscape and culture as sites of critique and reflection from a global perspective.

KUD C3 is inviting proposals for new or existing works that engage the public and a diverse audience. Works in all media will be considered including sculpture, performance, video, audio, installation, photography, painting, drawing, and digital media. 

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